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June 2016

New Orleans, Louisiana

Event Planning, promotion & setup

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April Fools!
Celebrate with a Subscription!

Primary Objective: Increase volume of paid subscriptions.

Target Audience: Pass-along readers viewing the print edition without their own copy. Younger demographic with a sense of humor to appreciate promotions for obscure "official" holidays.

Execution: Selected various holidays over a 6 month span and developed copy to run as print ads in host publication directing readers online to subscribe with $10 promotional discount. 

Metrics: Received higher than average response rate compared to traditionally focused print ads. 


Animated subscription campaigns

Primary Objective: Increase volume of paid subscriptions

Target Audience: Pass-along readers familiar with the publication reading their boss' copy. Emotional play for "what it says for your image to your colleagues to be a Business Report subscriber"

Execution: Staged photoshoot to create animated gif which was used in email blasts and display advertising. 

Metrics: Converted 5% higher than previous attempts at similar audiences. Resulted in the development of additional campaigns for 225 magazine and inRegister magazine.

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