Business Report Celebrates 30 years: 30 for 30 campaign

30 for 30 Creative Brief


Business Report will select 30 local non-profit organizations to partner with as a way to give back to the community that has been a part of its success for 30 years.

New subscribers will be able to sign up for Business Report online via the “30 for 30” webpage, or through individual URLs created for each non-profit. Through the use of promo codes, 30 dollars of the subscription will be donated to the organization of their choice.

Materials for e-blasts, fliers and more will be provided to each organization to forward to their contact lists.


External: We want to show how much Business Report cares and appreciates the community’s support in the past 30 years by giving back to the local organizations that best represent Baton Rouge and Business Report alike. 

Internal: By reaching out to these non-profits, we gain access to their reach of supporters, which increases our number of subscribers and in turn, our revenue. In addition, we receive a tax-deduction by donating 30 dollars of each subscription price to one of the organizations. This campaign will ultimately strengthen the Business Report brand within the community, creating a stronger push for advertising.


Total Reach
Conversion per non-profit
Gross Profit
Net Profit


We want to target potential Business Report subscribers through the resources of the 30 chosen non-profit organizations.


To send to organizations (approved by 5/9):

E-blast script
30 for 30 URL/organization URL

30 for 30 Homepage (4/30-5/4)
Individual organization web pages (4/30-5/4)
Promo codes
Business Report issue ads (5/17 and 5/29)

Full page
Half page

Provide custom fliers, web tiles and sample e-blasts to all partner organizations to distribute to their donor databases.


Maintain an informative and professional, yet celebratory tone.


4/30- Final 30 list

4/25-4/27- Generic and organization ad templates to production

4/30-5/4- Finalize Production

5/3- Specific organization collateral to production

5/9- All materials approved

5/15- Campaign Begins and First Business Report ad 

5/29- Second Business Report ad


Net $2,000 in subscriber revenue and reached an estimated 279,483 individuals from partner promotions supporting the secondary goal of raising awareness of our anniversary issue in anticipation of the advertising sales kickoff.