What's a-buzz at the Mullet House

It might come as a surprise to some, but as traditional as Anthony and I may appear at times, it seems the milestones in our married-life are destined to be anything but traditional. And it seems our latest--and possibly greatest--joint decision thus far will only continue our spontaneous milestone-markting: a backyard beehive.

In typical fashion, this massive decision was made by weeks of obsessive research, followed by the instant acquisition of all the necessary components.

For Christmas, I was gifted a Beekeeper's veil, informational DVD and guide to beekeeping. (Okay, so those were from my parent's but Anthony managed to hold his composure Christmas morning faced with the sudden reality that I actually was not joking about getting a bee hive. Thank God for boozy holidays.) Stumbeling upon the Capital Area Beekeppers Association monthly meetings provided a fun-filled evening for Anthony's birthday  and--what a surprise-- that our first Valentine's Day will be forever marked as the day the bee hive is coming in.


I'm secretly hoping "The Girls" will arrive on our first anniversary. What can I say, I'd like to keep the tradition going.