Another Saturday, another culinary adventure....


So, since Saturday mornings are "scheduled" to be my cleaning/laundry/chores day, naturally, I usually spend the day shopping and cooking.

My mother's birthday is tomorrow, so currently I'm working towards a dinner for 5, appetizers and dessert. Last weekend, my little brother and I rode around town picking up some odds and ends and ran into RED STICK SPICE - a new store in Baton Rouge specializing in loose spices and homemade spice blends (salt-free for mom so she can permanently remove the Mrs. Dash from the kitchen spice rack! Past residents of Baton Rouge who have spent most of their life in California, the owners have created and aromatic delight within their four small walls on Jefferson highway. In addition to spices and blends, Red Stick Spice offers a variety of oils (olive, avocado, etc), olives, and my favorite part: Loose Teas!

The small tea sections packs a big punch. With a full range of teas and herbal blends from a high-caffeine called Black Gunpowder to a low-caffine with dried Mango. I have been especially please with an Organic Mint Detox tea that is THE MOST intense and unique combination of mint. Not to name names - but with the other loose tea specialists in Baton Rouge, I always seem to find that halfway through my bag, the tea leaves are so over-ground they fall through my filter - leaving me with loose particles and bitter tea. In my opinion, this is pretty good stuff. And, at $3.19 and ounce for practically everything in the store I couldn't believe how much tea I went home with for next to nothing! (One ounce translated to about 11 tablespoons of the teas I got - enough for 2-3 pitchers iced and probably about 10-15 cups hot.)

So back to my mother.

We picked up a variety of salt-free spices and loose teas. There are purple tulips on the table. Now what to make for Dinner...

Anthony and I are a pretty good team in the kitchen, so after looking through the array of cookbooks I've collected, we settled on panko-herb crusted filets for the entree. My brother-though he has less kitchen experience-makes a pretty good sous chef so I'm feeling ambitious on the sides, appetizers and of course dessert. So the menu as of now:

  • Panko-herb crusted filets
  • Puff-pastry with tomato, basil and mozzarella
  • Roasted sweet potato fingerlings
  • Brussel Sprouts with pancetta (mmm... my new favorite thing in the whole world)
  • Biscuits/bread of some sort..
  • Earl Grey tart with raspberries (good thing I have lots of loose tea!)

Off to the store and the kitchen. Pictures of the final meal (or at least the beautiful tart) to follow!

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