For the love of Brunch

If I were writing a credo, a family motto, a list of life essentials, that compilation couldn't be complete without an ode to the meal I hold dear: SUNDAY BRUNCH. 

Water melni

Don't get me wrong, breakfast food is the best of food and Saturday patio brunching is always a welcome surprise but Sunday brunch is something dear to my heart.

Perhaps it's the expectation of enjoying family and food with no formal agenda--shops are closed, Saturday chores competed--or the leisurely nature that Sunday brings to the weekend occasion.

Growing up, Sunday meant (and still means) family day. Now, with even more going on in our daily lives, I appreciate the solice that is Sunday. The satisfaction that is a slice of cinnamon toast and sizzling slab of bacon. 

There is something that feels essentially southern about Sunday brunch, that evolution of morning (possibly boozy) coffee into a day of summer snacking, porch swinging, ice cold sips and the eventual build up to an evening of "grilling out" with family and the sort of friends we call family.

But it it all starts with brunch.