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a perpetual projecter enjoying life in Baton Rouge with cat, dog and husband, Anthony. 


My love of an ongoing and varied to-do list stems from an early exposure to saying "yes" first and figuring out "how" later. Growing up in a creative environment, I'm never more than a few days removed from being up to my elbows in paint, dirt, honey, or cake batter.  (Thankfully, to date, never all at once.)

I think two of the best measures for happiness are the amount of time you have to spend with the people who matter most and the number of bottles of champagne you have chilled and ready for life's little celebrations. 

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After being in the communications industry for over 12 years, at some point along the way I became a "numbers person." 

Somewhere in the raw data, charts and pivot tables, there's always an answer to the question or a solution to the problem, it just takes the right person to translate it.

Whether it's in a professional, personal or volunteer capacity, impact means everything to me. I'm a loyal friend and dedicated colleague. Four times in my work history, what began as a volunteer or temporary role resulted in a permanent place on the team within a year.

Continue on for more information about my current experience, a timeline of where I've worked, some of the things I've done in the community, pieces of my favorite projects and a nifty grid of what I learned along the way. 


Director of Research &Prospect Management


January 2017 - Present

In her current role as Director of the Research and Prospect Management team, Jessica provides strategic pipeline analysis for leadership and unit portfolios and supports over 20 hours a month in customized 1:1's with development staff. In addition to offering frontline support, Jessica bring experience in brand standards, concierge-model customer support, data aggregation and project management.

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We rise by lifting others
— Robert Ingersoll



Support the mission of the Junior League through advancement of member and external communications

Responsible for council of 14 chairs of print and email newsletters, social media, public relations and archives as well as community project and fundraiser marketing personnel to support development and execution of high impact communications.

Oversight of all branded League materials in partnership with the President & PresidentElect for alignment with brand standard, mission and vision.



Sponsorship Adviser

Responsible for reviewing secure records and providing information as needed to various chapter management groups and alumnae; Design of with the director of ecomm and supporting the development of a coordinated social media, web and digital content plan.


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